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11-Month Imports From China at $9.3b

11-Month Imports From China at $9.3b11-Month Imports From China at $9.3b

Imports from China during the 11 Iranian months ending Feb. 19 stood at $9.3 billion, according to the deputy head of Trade Promotion Organization of Iran. Modoudi noted that imports consisted of more than 4,200 types of commodities, of which 10 account for 20% of the total value.  “The commodities included auto spare parts, pressing machinery for solid fossil fuels, ceramic dough, machinery for making casting molds from gravel, alloy steel products, mobile railroad trucks and those for guiding locomotives, two-part ventilations and sunflower seeds,” he said. Modoudi noted that the lion’s share of the other 80% comprised industrial parts and machinery, while consumer products only constituted a meager part of the imports.