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Livestock Exports From Shadegan

Livestock Exports From ShadeganLivestock Exports From Shadegan

Some 11,000 tons of livestock were exported from the port of Shadegan on the Persian Gulf coast over the 11 Iranian months ending March 19, according to Ports and Maritime Organization of Khuzestan Province. Apart from livestock, agricultural products and nuts were exported as well, with the main destinations being the Arab countries of Persian Gulf. Built on a 3,000-hectare plot of land, Shadegan is Khuzestan’s seventh biggest commercial port where container ships of under 500 tons can berth. It has the capacity to load and unload 100,000 tons of cargo annually and benefits from two wharfs and two access bridges, 10,000 square meters of dock, together with an office site, roofed warehouse, customs and telecom offices, diesel generator and pump buildings, a fire brigade and an emergency unit. The port started activity in November 2014 and has since created 400 jobs for local residents, IRNA quoted director of Khuzestan Ports and Maritime Organization, Saadallah Abdollahi, as saying.