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Sarakhs Exports Grow 217%

Sarakhs Exports Grow 217%Sarakhs Exports Grow 217%

More than 6,000 tons of different products including tea, construction materials and dried fruits have been exported from Sarakhs Special Economic Zone (SSEZ) to foreign countries in the first half of the current year (March 21-September 22).

“Export activity via Sarakhs zone has been rising, recording 217% increase in the first half of the current year compared  to the same period last year,” ILNA quoted Mahdi Moravvej, CEO of Sarakhs Special Economic Zone,  as saying.

He also added, “40,000 tons of different commodities were exchanged via SSEZ in the first half of the current year, which shows a sizeable increase compared to the same period last year.”

Meanwhile, Moravvej said that those companies based in the SSEZ region accounted for the lion’s share of the total export volume, adding that, “Presence of major steel companies and investors working on petrochemical and industrial units will turn the region into one of the country’s biggest economic hubs.”

Iranian officials have on different occasions announced that they plan to turn Sarakhs free zone into a regional center for production of petrochemicals. Earlier this year, the National Petrochemical Company’s (NPC) director for planning and development, Ramezan Ouladi, had said that, as a new petrochemical hub, SSEZ will turn into one of the main centers for production of urea, sulfur and ammonium.