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Khorasan Razavi Carpet Exports

Khorasan Razavi Carpet ExportsKhorasan Razavi Carpet Exports

About $840,000 worth of hand-woven Iranian carpets have been exported from Khorasan Razavi Province since the start of current Iranian year (March 21, 2015), says Hadi Makhmali, the head of Mashhad Hand-Woven Carpet Producers Union. The official added that in the new climate following the removal of western sanctions against Iran’s economy, prospects are bright for a major boost in exports, IRNA reported. Meanwhile, the first consignment of Iranian carpets has recently found its way into the US market. According to a report published by the Los Angeles Times on Friday, the consignment was discharged from US Customs last week, putting an end to years of waiting by carpet dealers in the United States to get their hands on Iranian masterpieces. The rugs are reportedly being sold for between $10,000 for a smaller rug and $100,000 for a fine, large one.