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New Development Plan for Cooperatives

New Development Plan for CooperativesNew Development Plan for Cooperatives

Ministry of cooperatives, labor and social welfare is to execute a new development plan known as “Package of Seven”, which aims to make cooperative organizations more efficient and productive.

Deputy labor minister Hamid Kalantari said on Tuesday that there are numerous capabilities for generating wealth and capital that must be identified and materialized, MNA reported.

On the function of the package, Kalantari said, “The first three points of the package include promotion of the culture of cooperation and teamwork, development of cooperation management - especially when it comes to supervision and developing, and strengthening cooperative networking.”

“Developing intra-organizational cooperation, providing financial resources, developing brands and cooperative market and expansion of supervision in cooperatives are the remaining four points of the package.” However, what is important in this package is the way all these programs are linked with each other, Kalantari stated.

He described the package a good opportunity for introducing the chamber of cooperatives and its capacities, adding “it is necessary for the chamber to expand its activities and play a stronger role in the realizing the package’s objectives.”

Kalantari went on to say that cooperatives have enormous potentials that have been left unused so far, adding, “At the moment there are a lot of capital resources left unnoticed and unidentified that must be accounted for.”

Pointing to the capabilities of cooperative organizations, he said “experts, banks, funds and universities have to work hand in hand in order to accomplish the goals of the cooperatives sector.”

He also said that cooperatives are in a better position in comparison to private enterprises and can sustain their share in the job market.

The ministry of cooperatives, labor and social welfare is responsible for the oversight of cooperative business, regulation and implementation of policies applicable to labor and social affairs. It is also tasked with the oversight of social security and was formed in August 2011 following the merger of two ministries.