Commitment to Help  Improve Business Environ
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Commitment to Help Improve Business Environ

The government's main economic policy is to improve the business environment in a bid to strengthen the private sector's role in national production, First Vice President Es'haq Jahangiri said on Tuesday.

"Private sector is the major stakeholder in economic development and the government has to remove the impediments to spur the presence and investments of private sector in production," Jagangiri noted, while inaugurating industrial projects in Markazi Province.

The country is in the process of putting a difficult period behind, so the government tries to protect the national economy through tackling stagflation and unemployment, he said.  

On its way to achieve its economic objectives, the government should make best use of the large number of young and educated jobseekers in line with the investments made by the private sector in various sectors of the economy, particularly the industrial and service sectors.

Jahangiri said that imports should improve industrial productivity and competitiveness among production units and result in foreign trade increase. "These improvements will eventually contribute to the economic growth," he added.

"The banking system should serve production and investment, while providing cash flows for private businesses," he said. With the support of the government and the help of the banking system, the private sector can guarantee an economic boom in the near future, the former industry minister added.

Land Grab Condemned

The vice president condemned the large-scale land grab across the country in the past few years, saying that the government should stop land grabbers and bring them to justice, Jahangiri said in the meeting of the national office for combating corruption on Monday, MNA reported.

Jahangiri underlined the need for formulating the newly proposed full-blown plan to combat land grab and called for the affiliated executive governmental agencies to compensate the lack of necessary regulations against land grab through their effective cooperation.

Changing the purpose of lands is also a form of abusing national properties and a sample of land grab, he stated.

Jahangiri also criticized the vast and cumbersome bureaucracy at various governmental organizations in charge of confronting land grab, which circumvents their effective confrontation with lawbreakers. Accordingly, he called for a comprehensive plan to be prepared for combating land grab across the nation.


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