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6th Development Plan

6th Development Plan 6th Development Plan

Vice president for planning and strategic supervision Mohammad Baqer Nobakht says the Sixth Five-Year Economic Development Plan (2016-2021) is being formulated by his office. Nobakht added that with the last year of the Fifth Five-Year Economic Development Plan just around the corner, “we need a great leap forward if the national economy is to keep up the pace of growth.” He added that the team of experts working on the sixth development plan meets six times a week to finish devising the plan before yearend. “In order to avoid repeating the mistakes made by the previous administrations, we need to focus on an integrated system for planning,” he said, adding that the government needs to clarify development goals for the next 10 years in line with the 20-Year Vision, which is aimed at improving Iran’s political and economic position in national, regional and international levels to the extent that it becomes a developed country by 2025.