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Turkey Reluctant to Solve Transit Row

Turkey Reluctant to Solve Transit RowTurkey Reluctant to Solve Transit Row

Turkish transit authorities have left the Iranian administration’s calls for negotiating over truck transit fees unanswered, as the fee spat between the two neighbors continues to hurt truck drivers on both sides. The countries have raised transit fees leveled on each other’s trucks markedly, halving truck transit at their border as a consequence. The Iranian ministry of roads and urban development has sent an offer package, along with an invitation for negotiation to the Turkish side, yet no answer’s been received from Turkey, according to a senior official at the ministry. The conflict started when Turkey started charging Iranian trucks $31 per 100 kilometers, saying Iran did the same, on October 10. Iranian officials retaliated by matching the increase. Turkey has since raised the rate to $63 per 100 kilometers. Iranians say they levied a $31 fee on Turkish trucks due to the gap in fuel prices in the two countries. Turkish fuel stations have, for their part, stopped selling fuel to Iranian trucks.