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Official Urges Halal Food Production

Official Urges Halal Food Production Official Urges Halal Food Production

Halal (religiously permissible) brand can provide Iran with abundant possibility to turn its food industry into a regional hub, which can supply ‘halal food products’ to Muslim nations in the Middle East and North Africa.

“Halal brand has not yet been properly categorize, however, all the products produced by Iran’s food industry are Halal,” Majid Aflaki, secretary of Iran Meat Products Companies Consortium said on Sunday, as reported by IRNA.

Halal is an Islamic term that refers to any object or action that is permissible to do or engage with according to Shria or Islamic law. Halal food mainly refers to the method used in some countries to slaughter animals, which must be in accordance with certain rules.

Calling halal brand a lucrative business, Aflaki said, “Meat and poultry products, sanitary products, toothpaste and brush are among the products that can be branded and sold in the international market as halal products.”

Pointing to the  United States’ earning from Halal brands, he added, “The US makes annually between $700-800 billion through exporting halal goods. In addition, many Christian countries now prefer to use halal products. Given that there are nearly 2 billion Muslims in the world there seems to be a very profitable market for halal products that Iran can make use of.”

Among the elements that have led Iran to ignore the importance of halal brand, Aflaki referred to what he described as “heavy dependence of Iran on oil and the revenue earned from oil products.”