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Gov’t Eases Customs Procedures

Gov’t Eases Customs Procedures  Gov’t Eases Customs Procedures

The cabinet has approved a ministerial proposal to facilitate import and export procedures through a new online software, ISNA reported. According to Section 3 of the Article 12 in customs law, authorized organizations in charge of issuing required import, export and transit licenses must dispatch their representatives to 10 customs offices across the country. All relevant bodies should execute the directive in accordance with the regulations set by the Islamic Republic of Iran Custom Association (IRICA). Tehran Organization of Industry, Mine and Trade has announced that 2,000 types of commodities have been exempted from the traditional inspection process in a bid to ease the placing of orders for the commodities listed for import or export, and also for eliminating the unnecessary customs procedures. Moreover, this certain group of commodities will no longer need applying for getting licenses from the relevant organizations. According to ISNA, the new plan has been put into effect from October 18.