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Living Costs Surge

Living Costs Surge Living Costs Surge

Living cost for each household in urban areas is about 18 million rials ($560 based on market rate) per month, according to a survey conducted by Statistical Center of Iran (SCI) in the first quarter (spring).

The cost in rural areas is slightly more than one million rials ($340 based on market rate) per month, Adel Azar, head of SCI said on Sunday, citing the survey.

According to SCI, the “net” living cost for an urban household stood at 20.6 million rials last year, which ended March 20, 2014, while the gross cost was 21 million rials. The “net” cost for a rural household stood at 12.9 million rials and the gross cost at 13.1 million rials.

He also stated that SCI is not in charge of releasing information about the poverty line in the country and the issue should be done by the ministry of cooperatives, labor, and social welfare.


Figures from the SCI’s seasonally-adjusted report for the second quarter (June 22- September 22) show that the unemployment rate fell to 9.5%– down 0.9% compared with the summer of 2013.

Azar lamented that some critics inconsiderately question the recent published unemployment rate (9.5%), and in turn question the impartiality and fairness of SCI. “We should not focus on seasonally announced unemployment rates. We need to compare the figures.”  

His comments come as critics have questioned the single digit, saying the unemployment rate is much higher.

The statistical center has not made any changes in its criteria for assessing the unemployment rate and follows its previous statistical patterns, Azar noted. “If the presented unemployment rate can be put under question, the same can be done with the announced unemployment rate in previous censuses.”  

Additionally, he underlined that the announced 9.5% unemployment rate mainly includes the educated labor force.