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Trade Team in Netherlands

Trade Team in NetherlandsTrade Team in Netherlands

The head of Iran’s Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines, and Agriculture, Gholamhossein Shafeie visited officials from  Holland  public and private sectors in Amsterdam on Sunday.

The Iranian commercial delegation is visiting the European country to examine ways of developing economic cooperation in the hope of heralding a new chapter of mutual cooperation in the field of trade and commerce.

In this meeting, as FNA reported, Shafeie expressed satisfaction about the Rouhani administration’s achievements in improving Iran’s international trade relations and noted that western-led sanctions have failed to prevent cooperation between the two countries’ private sectors. He also underscored Iran’s potential to attract foreign investors.

The president of the Netherland’s Chamber of Commerce, Jan Simoness, for his part, underlined the opportunities in the Iranian market and hoped that both sides could improve transactions after the removal of sanctions.

The Dutch business community criticized US-led sanctions against Iran as an impediment in increasing business transactions with Iran.

The Iranian commercial delegation made the trip to Hague following the resumption of interest of European countries and their businesses in trade with Tehran.

The delegation arrived in Hague on Wednesday at the invitation of Simoness, chairman of the Netherlands chamber of commerce.