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JVs With Belarus

JVs With BelarusJVs With Belarus

Iran and Belarus see potential for cooperation in the mining sector, says the European country’s ambassador to Iran. Victor Rybak added that industrial machines and petrochemicals constitute half of commercial exchanges between the two sides. Tehran and Minsk have always enjoyed close economic relations and preserved their cooperation even when western sanctions were imposed on Iran, IRNA quoted Rybak as saying. A number of Iranian companies are engaged in joint ventures in Belarus, including the construction of the multipurpose hotel and business center Minsk Magnet, the transport and logistics center Prilesie in FEZ Minsk, and the multipurpose public and business center Chervensky. Belarus and Iran closely cooperate at the parliamentary level and have friendship groups for promoting cooperation. The two countries interact in scientific personnel training and cooperate in joint scientific projects in medicine, education, nano- and bio-technologies.