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Denmark: Iran “Next Big Thing”

Denmark: Iran “Next Big Thing”Denmark: Iran “Next Big Thing”

Danish Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Kristian Jensen is in Tehran at the head of an economic delegation to meet Iranian political and economic officials to discuss bilateral interactions, commercial ties and international issues.

In a statement, the Danish Embassy in Tehran said the visit on January 4 and 5 will not only focus on political developments in Iran and the region, as well as Iran’s current and future key roles, both as a regional and an international player, but it will also help strengthen trade and commercial ties between Copenhagen and Tehran.

“There can be no doubt that Iran is the ‘next big thing’, and with the lifting of sanctions and thereby the reopening of the Iranian market, there is a big potential for Danish companies that have the capacity to engage in the Iranian market,” Jensen said.

“Denmark can provide solutions for the Iranians health, food, energy and maritime sectors where the potential is great. Minister for Foreign Affairs and Danish Ambassador, Mr. Danny Annan, therefore hopes that as many Danish companies as possible will join the business delegation and become a part of the ‘next big thing’.”