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Italy to Bring Agrofood Mission in Feb.

Italy to Bring Agrofood Mission in Feb.Italy to Bring Agrofood Mission in Feb.

Italy is ready to take its agrofood industry to Iran in February with a delegation of companies led by Italian Agriculture Minister Maurizio Martina. Cooperation in the agrofood sector began during Expo Milano 2015, before the agreement on Iran’s nuclear program was finalized. Italy intends to strengthen relations with Iran by bringing to the country companies, products and technical know-how in the sectors in which it is a leader, from sustainable agriculture to the designation of geographical origin, Italian news agency AGI reported. “We have scheduled an agrofood mission to Iran in February following the new relationship opened with this country and the mission led by Carlo Calenda, the deputy minister for economic development, last November,” said Martina. The first important moment in this relationship was on June 4 and 5, when the Iranian agriculture minister participated in the agriculture forum at the Milan Expo. This meeting gave rise to a bilateral agreement with Iran and marked a first step in developing a joint agrofood project.  The three key points of the Italian agrofood industry, according to Martina, are “sustainability, as Italian agricultural practices are the most environmentally friendly in all of Europe; the dimension of the companies, which on average are small and medium-sized; and the close integration between the raw material production chain and the processing industries. It is a model in which we are leaders and that can be exported”.