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Steel Day at IME

Steel Day at IMESteel Day at IME

Iran Mercantile Exchange’s industrial and mining trading board witnessed the supply of 180,000 tons of steel slab at the base price of $0.3 per kg and 20,000 tons of bloom ingots at the base price of $0.3 per kg by Khuzestan Steel Company on Sunday.

The board’s other offerings of the day included 470 tons of rebars by Azerbaijan Steel Company, 1,500 tons of copper cathodes at the base price of $4.6 per kg and 1,000 tons of copper wires at the base price of $4.8 per kg, in addition to 20,000 tons of low grade copper, 140 tons of sulfur molybdenum and 18 tons of precious metals concentrate by National Iranian Copper Industries Company.

Kashan Copper World Company was also present on the industrial board with the offering of 100 tons of copper wires at the base price of $4.9 per kg.

The oil and petrochemical trading board played host to 45,150 tons of bitumen, 21,000 tons of lube cut oil, 8,075 tons of petrochemicals, 29,000 tons of vacuum bottoms and 1,800 tons of sulfur.

Furthermore, 11,500 tons of bitumen and 200 tons of insulations were supplied on the export trading board. Finally, 12,753 tons of corn, 1,100 tons of unprocessed soybean oil, 1,000 tons of soybean oil cake and 1,000 tons of durum wheat were offered on the agricultural trading board.

Overall, more than 357,000 tons of commodities were supplied at IME’s spot market on Sunday.