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Muscat to Host Iranian Expo

Muscat to Host Iranian ExpoMuscat to Host Iranian Expo

Iran will hold an exclusive trade exhibition in Oman’s capital Muscat on January 26-30. The event is aimed at increasing cooperation with Oman’s businesses to boost the share of Iranian companies in the Persian Gulf state’s market and promote Iranian exports, according to Trade Promotion Organization of Iran. IRNA quoted Seyyed Ali Etedali, executive manager of the exhibition, as saying on Sunday that the exhibition provides Iranian businesses with investment, trade and manufacturing opportunities regarding consumer goods, banking, insurance, technical and engineering services in addition to tourism and handicraft sectors.  Muscat is also scheduled to host another event in the near future. Investment opportunities in Iran and the strategic importance of Oman in facilitating investment in the country from Asian countries after the lifting of sanctions will be the focus of an economic conference planned on March 23-24, 2016, in Muscat. The conference dubbed “Oman Economic Forum” is being organized by Oman’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry in cooperation with the Al Iktissad Wal-Aamal group, Muscat-based newspaper Times of Oman reported earlier.