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IROST Calls for Cooperation

IROST Calls for Cooperation IROST Calls for Cooperation

Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology (IROST) is willing to cooperate with other countries in the field of water desalination, the organization’s chairman Ahmad Akbari said on Wednesday. Underlining the current global water crisis, Akbari highlighted the importance of water in agriculture and industry, and added that water recycling is now of paramount importance as drought worsens and water supplies dwindle. Akbari noted that Iran currently uses advanced desalination technology. IROST recently opened an international desalination center, which works in close cooperation with similar centers in several industrialized countries, Akbari said. He also pointed to the 2nd International Desalination Conference, which started on Monday in Tehran, and said the event has provided a good opportunity for further interaction with other countries in the field of desalination. IROST, as one of the leading Iranian scientific research organizations, mainly works on helping the country achieve independence in scientific and technological areas by supporting Iranian inventors, researchers and industrialists. The organization aims to “respond to the increasing domestic demand for S&T development programs,” according to Akbari.