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$20b Worth of Goods Smuggled p.a.

$20b Worth of Goods Smuggled p.a.$20b Worth of Goods Smuggled p.a.

On average, more than $20 billion worth of goods are smuggled in and out of the country every year, said the head of Central Taskforce to Combat Smuggling of Goods and Foreign Currency. Habibollah Haqiqi referred to the economic losses caused by smuggling and warned against the health risks involved in using contraband drugs, cosmetics and food products. “Such products are not controlled by the relevant authorities before distribution,” he said. Fuel accounts for 90% of commodities smuggled out of the country, mainly through the cities bordering Afghanistan and Pakistan. This is because of the considerable difference between prices in Iran and those in neighboring countries. Apparel, home appliances, cellphones, computers and parts, auto spare parts, cosmetics and cigarettes are the main commodities smuggled into Iran.