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Bumper Pistachio Harvest This Year

Bumper Pistachio Harvest This YearBumper Pistachio Harvest This Year

Despite recurrent droughts in recent years, Iranian pistachios have preserved their quality and taste, and are still the frontrunner in global markets.

Iran has exported 54,000 tons of pistachios worth $500 million so far in the current Iranian year (started March 21), while their export value is expected to reach $1.6 billion by yearend, according to an official from Agricultural Jihad Ministry, Ramezan Roueintan, IRNA reported.

Pistachio harvest season ends in mid-fall after which exports start.

The export rate is estimated to exceed last year’s.

Iran was the world’s top pistachio exporter last year, having sold 180,000 tons of the delicacy worth $1.5 billion to 70 countries.

Hong Kong and the European Union were the main export destinations for Iranian pistachio. Spain, Australia, the UAE, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Turkey, Singapore, Chile, Serbia, Iraq, Russia, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Poland, Malaysia, Egypt and India are also traditional customers. Pistachio is Iran’s 16th biggest exported commodity.

“The expected rise in exports comes amid a surge in production, which is estimated to reach 250 million by March 2016, up from last year’s 235,000 tons,” Roueintan said.

Iran’s pistachio farmers are pitted against the world’s second biggest pistachio producer, the United States.

Having produced 180,000 tons of pistachios annually, the US was the world’s top producer for a few years, amid Iran’s dropping production. Nonetheless, Iran reclaimed its first ranking in 2015.