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Water Networks Go Smart

Water Networks Go SmartWater Networks Go Smart

Water networks in Qom and Isfahan have been upgraded to a smart system and the smart remote control system will soon be installed for drinking water supply and distribution facilities in Mashhad, Shiraz and Tehran as well, said an official from the ministry of energy.

Hamidreza Tashayoee added that water authorities have been informed of a comprehensive plan for establishing telemetric and remote control systems for drinking water supply and distribution facilities. “Establishing smart water networks is among the main objectives of our new full-blown water management program and the system has now been fully set up in the city of Qom,” MNA quoted him as saying.

Using the smart water networks and controlling the water pressure will increase the efficiency of networks by more than 50%, the energy ministry official stated.

“In Isfahan, we were able to improve management of water supplies during this summer with the help of a smart system despite red alerts regarding the city’s critical water situation.”

The official asserted that within the next two years, the issue of smart water networks will be followed by all water and wastewater engineering companies across the country.

“Monitoring water distribution network is one way to battle water shortages, and in order to minimize water losses and manage proper flow of water in the pipelines, distribution networks must upgraded,” Tashayoee stated.

Announcing that smart water networks will soon be installed in Mashhad, Shiraz and Tehran, Tashayoee said: “with the help of this system, it is also possible to monitor the quality of water distribution and we hope that with proper funding, this system can be implemented in all big Iranian cities.”

  Separated Water for Tehran

In case of a prolonged drought, potable and non-potable water will be separated in eastern districts of Tehran, the CEO of national water and wastewater engineering company told FNA on Monday.

“No new water supply network will be set up but there will be water stations to distribute potable water,” Hamidreza Janbaz said.

 The new plan for the distribution of separated water has been tested in some provinces including Qom and Markazi and is to be implemented in the northeastern city of Mashhad in the near future, Janbaz added. “So far, the water management projects implemented in Mashhad have not produced good results”.