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Plans to Improve Social Welfare

Plans to Improve Social WelfarePlans to Improve Social Welfare

Studies show that population ageing has occurred in Iran and therefore, in line with the state welfare policy, it is important for the government to attend to the matter of providing proper housing for laborers and the retired, minister of labor, Ali Rabiee, was quoted by media as saying on Monday.    

The government’s social welfare programs need 14 billion dollars in funding, the minister stated.

“Accordingly, if President Rouhani confirms the pensioner housing proposal to be started next year, measures will be taken quickly to implement the plan,” Rabiee said.

On the issue of the distribution of food security packs (FSP), Rabiee noted that the resources in hand are rather limited. “The packages will be distributed in four phases after extensive studies were carried out in order to efficiently distribute the packages during the first phase of the program,” he said.

“After the latest assessments, two million people were added to the eligible list, while others were removed from it.”

New data shows that household living expenses for a family of four have reached 825.5 dollars. “The fact of the matter is that economic indicators clearly show that inflation is now under control. Some people believe that a reduction in inflation must directly result in a decrease in prices, while this is not a reasonable expectation.”

According to Rabiee, the question is, whether the amount of income actually covers expenses. The satisfactory situations of production and steady employment rates also need to be maintained.

“Through taking appropriate measures we hope to keep the 241,000 job positions which are about to be lost. This is an issue that needs to be taken into consideration before wages are increased.”

Rabiee stressed that undeniably, living conditions are “quite difficult for many.” The base pay rate for workers is at least 375 dollars, but some firms, unfortunately, do not abide by the rules,” he added.

The minister expressed hope that, through taking appropriate actions by the government agencies, inflation would be curbed further and employment rate will move up.

Pointing to the fact that some estimates tell of a rise in income rates for the Iranian citizens, Rabiee clarified that this is not to guarantee decent living conditions.

“Obviously, an increase in income rates for the next year depends on inflation rate and the capacities of the national economy.”