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SCI: Summer Unemployment at 10.9%

SCI: Summer Unemployment at 10.9%SCI: Summer Unemployment at 10.9%

According to the latest figures released by the Statistical Center of Iran, the unemployment rate in the second quarter of the current Iranian year (June 22-September 22) stood at 10.9%.  The figure registers a 1.4% rise compared with the corresponding period of last year and a 0.1% rise compared with the first quarter (March 21-June 21). The SCI put Q2 labor force participation rate, i.e. the proportion of the population ages 10 years and above that is economically active, at 38.9%. The data also show 8.9% of men and 19.9% of women of ages 10 and above were jobless in summer. Furthermore, according to the SCI, the unemployment rate was at 12.2% for urban areas and 7.4% for rural areas.