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Danish FM to Visit Iran

Danish FM  to Visit IranDanish FM  to Visit Iran

Denmark’s Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen will be paying an official visit to Iran on January 4-5, 2016.

A Danish business delegation will accompany him on the trip, Danish English-language weekly newspaper The Copenhagen Post reported. Jensen expressed excitement about the trip and said, “I look forward to visiting Iran. I believe there is great potential for developing and strengthening Danish-Iranian relations further.” The visit comes at a time when the whole world’s attention is focused on Iran, as it gears up to rid itself of sanctions and forge trade deals with several countries. Hence, the commercial and political possibilities are endless. For Jensen, the trip will be an opportunity to focus on two key areas, namely strengthening economic relations between the two countries and discussing Iran’s key role in solving regional crises, such as Syria. “Increased trade will lead to growth and employment in both Denmark and Iran,” he said. “Moreover, it can contribute to a closer dialogue between Iran and Denmark, including one on human rights and broader development in the Middle East.”