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Shahid Rajaei Port Throughput

Shahid Rajaei Port ThroughputShahid Rajaei Port Throughput

Some 37 million tons of goods were loaded and unloaded in Shahid Rajaei Port, Iran’s biggest Persian Gulf trade port, during the seven-month period ending October 22,with non-oil commodities accounting for 62% of the figure, says head of Ports and Maritime Organization of Hormozgan Province, Ebrahim Idani.

Idani added that in the same period, about 3.7 million tons of oil and oil-related products were exported from the port, which shows a 23% rise compared to the similar period of last year, Mehr News Agency reported.

Non-oil exports, mainly to China, Iraq, the UAE, Afghanistan, Turkey, India and Taiwan, stood at 13.26 million tons during the same period.

The main exports were petrochemicals, agricultural and industrial products, minerals, metals, iron ore and handicrafts.

“During the same period, more than 5.6 million tons of non-oil goods were imported via Shahid Rajaei, down 17% compared with last year’s corresponding period,” Idani said.

With 40 berth posts and a 2,400-hectare space, the southern port is capable of transporting up to 90 million tons annually.