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SCI Hosts Int’l Migration Confab

SCI Hosts Int’l Migration ConfabSCI Hosts Int’l Migration Confab

The two-day International Conference on Migration: Patterns, Consequences and Policies, organized by the Statistical Center of Iran, concluded in Tehran on Wednesday. The event mainly focused on facilitating the return of Iranian migrants and preparing the ground for guaranteeing the return on investment for Iranian expats. According to Eghtesad News, an estimated five million Iranian expatriates are living in USA, European Union, Canada and Australia. In Dubai alone, Iranian expats have invested an estimated $50 billion in real-estate and construction sectors, in addition to other huge investments in China, India, Hong Kong and the UAE over the past decade. This is while Iran is in dire need of investment to rebuild its economy, following years of sanctions imposed by the West against Iran over its nuclear energy program.