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Investment, Exports Shortcut to Growth

Investment, Exports Shortcut to GrowthInvestment, Exports Shortcut to Growth

Promoting investment and exports is the shortest way to come out of recession and attain economic growth, says Hossein Soltaninia, former deputy head of Trade Promotion Organization of Iran.“Growth is achieved through investment–either domestic or foreign–as the input, and exports, which is the product of investment, as the output,” he was quoted as saying by Mehr News Agency. Soltaninia called for promoting foreign investments in industries, mining, agriculture and services, with the aim of exporting the output of joint ventures with foreign investors.According to the former official, post-sanctions revenues should be prioritized for creating new manufacturing capacities and supporting exports of goods and services, considering that the economy needs to be driven by a steady inflow of foreign currency, which can be earned by exports alone.