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Greece Prioritizes Iran Ties

Greece Prioritizes Iran Ties Greece Prioritizes Iran Ties

One of the priorities of the new government of Greece (second Cabinet of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras) is to expand economic and trade relations with Iran, said the European country’s deputy minister of foreign affairs, Dimitris Mardas, at an event dubbed “Greece-Iran: A New Era in Bilateral Trade & Economic Relations”, which was co-hosted by the Pan-Hellenic Exporters Association and the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Athens on Thursday. “Greece is willing to sign major deals with Iran in order to expand economic ties,” IRNA quoted him as saying. Greek Foreign Ministry’s Secretary-General for International Economic Relations Giorgos Tsipras, who was also present at the gathering, said Iranian and Greek economies can complement one another, creating opportunities for Iranian investments in Greece and the upgrading of bilateral commercial relations in the sectors of services, products and energy, as well as in the culture and tourism sectors, Hellenic Republic Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported. “The Foreign Ministry will provide tangible support for the efforts to upgrade Greek-Iranian bilateral economic relations,” Tsipras added.