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Labor Talks With Australia

Labor Talks With AustraliaLabor Talks With Australia

The labor ministry seeks to reduce unemployment rate and is, therefore, planning to send Iranian youth and educated labor force to other countries under a special transfer system, deputy labor minister Mohammad Hosseini said Saturday during a meeting with the Australian ambassador in Tehran  Paul Foley.  

The officials also discussed the situation of illegal Iranian immigrants in Australia and the latest developments regarding their accommodation and citizenship status. During the meeting, officials from the ministry of cooperatives, labor, and social welfare examined ways of expanding bilateral relations in labor-related areas, MNA reported.

The Australian government attracts new skilled labor force from Iran every year after consulting with the private sector and other businesses back home. Canberra has been accepting Iranian immigrants for more than 30 years, said head of immigration department of the Australian embassy in Tehran, Josephine Lamshed. There are about 30,000 highly educated Iranians living in Australia, who are active majorly in health, industry, and accounting.

Australia has maintained a continuous diplomatic presence in Iran since the Australian Embassy in Tehran was established in 1968. Iran has had an embassy in Canberra since 1971.