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Iran, World’s 8th Honey Producer

Iran, World’s 8th Honey Producer
Iran, World’s 8th Honey Producer

Iran ranks eighth in the world with an annual production of 78,000 tons of honey, announced the deputy agricultural minister for livestock affairs.

Speaking in a ceremony to unveil a new brand named Exir on Thursday, Hassan Rokni added that the export of 5,000 tons of honey also marks a record for Iran.  

“Around 10 to 12 grams of royal jelly are produced from each beehive in Iran. Each kilogram of royal jelly is sold at $300 to $400 in world markets whereas each kilogram of honey is priced at $5 to $6,” IRNA quoted Rokni as saying.  

Royal jelly is a honeybee secretion used for feeding larvae and adult queens.

Behzad Bankipour, managing director of Honey Development Fund who was also present in the ceremony, said commercialization—the process of introducing a new product or production method—is the missing link of honeybee industry in Iran, which would help attract investment and create jobs.

Also in attendance was Effat Raisi, the head of Iran’s Beekeepers Union, who believes Iran is one of the producers of quality honey in the world.

Raisi noted that Iran has 6.5 million honeybee colonies and 74,000 people are active in its beekeeping industry.