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Kazakh Grain Terminal Construction Postponed

Kazakh Grain Terminal Construction PostponedKazakh Grain Terminal Construction Postponed

Kazakhstan, one of the world’s major grain exporters, has postponed the construction of the grain terminal on the Turkmen-Iranian border. The country’s Agriculture Ministry told Trend News Agency that the construction of this grain terminal in Iran can be considered after the completion of the broad gauge railroad from the Turkmen border to the Iranian Inche-Burun station on the Uzen-Gorgan railroad. The ministry also said that as of today, works on the organization of two narrow gauge connection points and the broad gauge rail lines in the Turkmen and Iranian sections of the Uzen-Gorgan railroad are being carried out under the existing agreement on international goods transport by rail. “An Iranian company that would be interested in this project together with Kazakh Food Corporation has not been chosen yet. Kazakhstan’s Astyk Terminal Company started preparatory works for the construction of the terminal on the Turkmen-Iranian border in the spring of 2014,” the ministry added.