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Rouhani: Invest at Home

Rouhani: Invest at HomeRouhani: Invest at Home

Iranian entrepreneurs, executives and investors at home or abroad are given priority over others when it comes to investment in different economic sectors of the country, said President Hassan Rouhani in a meeting with a group of Iranian economic elite in New York on Saturday.

“The government’s efforts are concentrated on improvement of business environment and exit from recession. To make investment unchallenging, rules and regulations are undergoing revisions as we speak,” Forsat-e Emrooz daily quoted him as saying.

“Today unique opportunities have opened up in the economic, scientific and industrial sectors of the country thanks to the conditions following the July 14 historic deal with world powers.”

The president added that there is no doubt the private sector would fare better on the economic front.

“Lack of competition in the economy is a recipe for monopoly, corruption and recession,” he said.

“Knowledge and facility transfer need to go hand in hand with investment in Iran on the way toward partnership and cooperation. Different sectors of energy, industry and transportation are set to receive investment and technology.”

Referring to the fact that Iran needs $150 billion a year in investment to achieve high economic growth, Rouhani said: “Every one of us is responsible for Iran’s advancement. The country belongs to all of us, and all Iranian expatriates are welcome to invest in their country.”