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US Firms Won’t Be Hobbled in Doing Business in Iran

US Firms Won’t Be Hobbled  in Doing Business in IranUS Firms Won’t Be Hobbled  in Doing Business in Iran

American companies will not be hampered in establishing a presence in Iran as investment and technology transfer opportunities are there to be tapped in the competitive atmosphere of the post-sanctions era by all major international firms, said Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in a meeting with the executives of American companies in New York on Friday evening.

The Iranian president arrived in New York late on Thursday to attend the 70th annual session of UN General Assembly.

Referring to hurdles in the way of US investment in Iran, Rouhani said these barriers and objections will not be everlasting.  

The performance of the incumbent government has curbed the inflation, helped Iran leave behind recession and brought about a 3% economic growth for the country, Mehr News Agency quoted him as saying.

“We are seeking to boost the private sector by downsizing the government. We believe that a competitive atmosphere needs to prevail. Monopoly begets corruption, therefore we are pursuing an electronic government,” he noted.

“New conditions have been created for the technology, aviation industry and agriculture sectors in Iran. We are on the level about our plans and think that economic cooperation would close the gap between Iran and the US.”