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Economic Security for Investors

Economic Security  for Investors Economic Security  for Investors

The intelligence minister says his ministry has plans to increase economic security for both Iranian and foreign investors. Mahmoud Alavi said those who start a production company should not struggle with unnecessary regulations and issues such as corruption and bribery, Donya-e Eghtesad quoted him as saying Wednesday. “Market dynamism calls for economic security, and intelligence ministry is seriously committed to establish a secure environment and remove the barriers facing investors”, he stressed. Alavi noted that the intelligence ministry wants to assure foreign investors that they can have safe economic activities here, stressing that “dealing with economic corruption” must not become a “threat to investors.” “From a national security point of view, investors and scientific personalities and other elites are not being monitored and they can easily travel to and from Iran as the grounds are provided for their activities.” Meanwhile, Alavi said confidentiality is a must when it comes to peoples’ names and reputations. “This is a very important subject in our religion and culture,” he said, adding all the information gathered from investors are kept within the reach of only authorized personnel and absolute attention is paid to choose the most qualified person for managerial positions who are also efficient from political and security aspects.