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Nat’l Railroad to Be Linked to Azerbaijan

Nat’l Railroad to Be Linked to AzerbaijanNat’l Railroad to Be Linked to Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan Republic has signaled its readiness to extend its railroad into Iran’s soil by 2 kilometers, Gilan’s provincial governor announced Wednesday. The construction of a container terminal will start in Iran’s Astara as the project kicks off, Mohammad Ali Najafi added. Constructive meetings of Iran-Azerbaijan Commission, visits by the presidents of the two countries and Iran’s determination to complete Qazvin-Rasht-Astara Railroad have encouraged Baku to put forth the idea of the project, according to the official. Referring to the fact that Gilan’s railroad would connect Central Asia and European countries to the Indian Ocean and Persian Gulf littoral states, Najafi said: “The extension project will strengthen trade and economic ties between Tehran and Baku and connect Iran to Europe via railroad,” IRNA reported.