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Int’l Iranian Halal Food Brand

Int’l Iranian Halal Food BrandInt’l Iranian Halal Food Brand

An international Iranian halal food brand will be established in the upcoming months, said the head of Iran’s Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture at the Sixth Exhibition of Beverages and Related Industries on Monday, adding that domestic investors in food industries will have a 400-million-strong market in the region waiting for them. “There is significant demand in regional countries, as well as European ones for halal foods produced in Islamic countries. Therefore, considering Iranian food industry’s great potential and the promise of foreign investments in the industry, Iran is well equipped to have a strong presence in global markets with halal food and beverages,” Mehr News Agency quoted Mohsen Jalalpour as saying. The official added that Iran can take advantage of its ideal, four-season geographical condition and meet the food demands of the regional countries. “The long cold seasons in Iran’s northern neighbors and lack of fertile soil in the southern countries effectively prevent them from meeting agricultural demands in those regions.” The exhibition opened in Tehran on Monday, and was attended by food companies from Germany, Italy, Malaysia and India besides domestic companies.