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Isfahan to Outsource Farming in Ukraine

Isfahan to Outsource Farming in Ukraine Isfahan to Outsource Farming in Ukraine

Isfahan Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture signed a memorandum of understanding with Ukraine's Kherson and Donetsk provinces on Saturday for cooperation in “Farming Beyond Borders” program.

The MoU was signed at a business meeting of representatives from Isfahan, Kherson and Donetsk chambers of commerce in Isfahan to explore trade and investment opportunities in agriculture, IRNA reported.

“Farming Beyond Borders” is a government project aimed at reducing water consumption and increasing food security by renting cultivable land in other countries for growing water-intensive crops.  

Official sources earlier announced plans by the government to implement similar projects in Kazakhstan and Ghana.

Iran’s Ministry of Agricultural Jihad proposed cooperation with Serbia in “Beyond Border Farming” during a visit by an Iranian agricultural delegation to Serbia last week.

Head of Isfahan Chamber of Commerce, Seyyed Abdolvahab Sahlabadi, said: “In view of the shortage of water and fertile land in Isfahan Province, we can utilize the capacities of countries such as Ukraine to generate profits for both Iran and the host country.”

He observed that Ukraine has long played an important role in ensuring food security of East Europe and West Asia, adding that Isfahan is also an industrial province with huge capacities in the area of agriculture.

The official called for closer cooperation between Ukraine and Isfahan in the field of agricultural machinery, noting that the Iranian province has vast capabilities in production of agricultural machinery and equipment.

Trade between Iran and Ukraine currently stands at about $223 million per year, according to deputy head of Isfahan's Department of Industries, Mining and Trade, Mohammad Mojiri. "Agricultural products comprise about 60% of Iran's imports from Ukraine," he said.