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Trade Confab With Afghanistan

Trade Confab With AfghanistanTrade Confab With Afghanistan

The joint conference on Iran-Afghanistan trade opportunities attended by the Islamic Republic of Iran’s deputy chief of mission of to Afghanistan, Ali Edalat, and head of Afghanistan’s Investment Support Agency, Mohammad Ghorban Haghjou, was held in Kabul on Wednesday, announced Iran’s Trade Promotion Organization. “Iran and Afghanistan must exploit the new post-sanctions climate and move towards expanding bilateral trade ties,” IRNA quoted Ali Edalat as saying. Edalat called on Iranian firms to promote Iranian brands in Afghanistan by focusing on product quality, Afghan consumers’ tastes and after-sales services. Meanwhile, Haghjou welcomed the presence of Iranian traders in Afghanistan and pledged to support Iranian investors by all means, saying, “Afghanistan is ready to provide investors with various facilities.” Iran-Afghanistan’s annual trade value is estimated at $1 billion. Iran is the fifth major exporter of goods to Afghanistan.