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Outsourcing Agriculture to 3 Countries

Outsourcing Agriculture to 3 CountriesOutsourcing Agriculture to 3 Countries

In a bid to reduce water consumption and boost the production of oily seeds and fodder, the government will soon implement the so-called ‘Beyond Border Farming’ program in three countries namely Kazakhstan, Ghana and Ukraine.

Mohamamd-Reza Shafe’i, the CEO of Jahad-e Esteghlal Institute, a company affiliated to the Ministry of Agricultural Jihad, said the ministry plans to reduce the country’s dependence on food imports by renting cultivable land in other countries for a period of 12-15 years, IRNA reported.

To this end, Shafe’i said, the ministry has shortlisted the three countries based on a variety of factors including climate suitability and availability of fallow land.

Addressing a meeting on the occasion of the annual Government Week on Wednesday, the official referred to “lowering and stabilizing food prices, increasing water efficiency and crop yield, boosting productivity and expanding mechanized agriculture” as the ministry’s main strategy to ensure food security in the country.