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Call for Exploiting Russia’s Food Market

Call for Exploiting Russia’s Food MarketCall for Exploiting Russia’s Food Market

Russia annually imports more than $35 billion worth of foodstuffs due to lacking infrastructure for domestic production, presenting a tremendous opportunity for Iran’s food industry to enter the market and meet Russian demand, said the head of Business and Trade Education Center of the Ministry of Industries, Mining and Trade.

“Demand for nuts, fruits, vegetables, semi-prepared foods and dates – Iran’s main potential areas in food exports – is considerably high in Russia, which is the world’s eighth largest economy,” Mehr News Agency quoted Abbas Khaleghitabar as saying.

He pointed to the Iran-Russia Trade Conference, which is scheduled to be held in Moscow in September 16-20 by the Iran-Russia Joint Chamber of Commerce, and said the event will coincide with the 24th Moscow International WorldFood Exhibition, a boon to Iranian traders trying to get familiar with the Russian food market.

Iran-Russia food trade potential, effective bilateral trade methods, consumers’ tastes and attitudes, efficient goods transportation methods and insurance for Iran’s exports to Russia are some of the issues to be discussed in this conference.

Traders’ lack of information about the Russian market, Russia’s trade regulations and high transportation costs are the main issues hindering expansion of food exports, he noted, adding that the upcoming conference and the international Moscow exhibition can be a training ground for Iranians seeking trade with Russia.