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Aeronautical Capabilities Reviewed

Aeronautical Capabilities Reviewed Aeronautical Capabilities Reviewed

The capabilities of the country’s domestic aviation and space industries were discussed by members of Iran’s Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and aeronautical officials on Saturday, ISNA reports.

The chamber’s commission hopes to improve and empower the private sector in relation to Iran’s aeronautical sector, Hooman Hajipoor, a chamber official said.

Hajipoor congratulated the aviation sector’s upward trend in recent years. “It is comforting that the domestic aviation industry is specialized enough to manufacture and export its products,” he stated.

The private sector is highly capable of producing and exporting services and products, and the sector needs the governments’ support, the head of Iran Aviation and Space Industries Association, Amin Salari said. “Fortunately, the export balance of aeronautics industries is going to be positive in the near future and the export volume increases about 35 percent per year,” he said. “The sector has already employed 10 thousand university graduates, which is quite remarkable.”

Iran’s aviation industry has been faced with a lot of challenges in the recent years due to sanctions on the industry, causing problems in the procurement process; however, the country is increasingly optimistic about the outlook of the aviation industry in the near future after removal of the sanctions, which would provide room for it to expand its activities, he continued.

As Salari announced, the private sector will present its latest achievements in the National Aerospace Exhibition which will be held in Tehran’s Mehrabad Airport from October 21 to 24.