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Trade Potential With Nakhchivan ‘Untapped’

Trade Potential With Nakhchivan ‘Untapped’Trade Potential With Nakhchivan ‘Untapped’

In a meeting between the director of Economic and International Affairs Department of East Azerbaijan Governorate, Ahmad Mohammadzadeh and the chairman of the State Customs Committee of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, Asif Mammadov in Tabriz on Monday, the two sides called for the expansion of bilateral trade ties. “The two countries’ trade potential is still untapped,” IRNA quoted Mammadov as saying. The meeting came after the head of West Azerbaijan Province’s Industries, Mining and Trade Organization Sadegh Eskandari visited Nakhchivan on Sunday and met with Minister of Economic Development of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Famil Seyidov. “Nakhchivan’s economy has progressed in recent years as its GDP has increased 300% compared to 15 years ago. It currently not only meets domestic demand, but is also strongly active in exports,” said Seyidov. Eskandari also pointed to West Azerbaijan’s trade potential and said the province is ready for joint venture production with Nakhchivan.