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Oman Delegation in Yazd

Oman Delegation in YazdOman Delegation in Yazd

After the Iran-Oman Business Council upgraded to Iran-Oman Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture on February 23, 2014, economic relations between the two countries started to gather momentum.

Recently an Omani delegation accompanied by their ambassador to Iran travelled to Yazd at the invitation of the province’s Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture.

“Industry, mining and even tourism sectors hold out the promise of future cooperation with Oman,” Mehr News Agency quoted the head of chamber as saying.

“Yazd has 3,400 industrial units and is capable of offering services in production and trade. It is an honor for us to share trade and economic experience with Oman,” Mohammadreza Qomi added.

Referring to commonalities between Yazd and Oman, the head of Sultanate of Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry said exchange of trade delegations between the two countries will be a prelude to a new chapter in mutual investment and trade.

“Oman has a special industrial zone and a railroad will pass through the sultanate in the not too distant future,” said Ali bin Salim Al Hajri.

Saud bin Ahmed bin Khalid Al-Birwani, the Omani ambassador to Iran, believes that economic relations between the two countries need to improve as much as their political relations, adding that the establishment of a sea link between Chabahar and Oman would help boost two-way trade.