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Fish Imports

Fish ImportsFish Imports

About 10,000 tons of Listao worth $20 million and 2,000 tons of Tilapia worth $8.5 million were imported from South Korea and China respectively in the first quarter of the current Iranian year (started March 21), according to Islamic Republic of Iran’s Customs Administration. Listao is the most favorite imported fish in the Iranian market, priced at 60,000 rials ($2) per kilogram and mainly imported from South Korea as well as India, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey and New Zealand, ISNA reported. Tilapia is the second favorite priced at 140,000 rials ($4.7) per kilogram with China as well as the UAE as its main exporter. Furthermore, 2,000 tons of Atlantic Ocean and Danube River trout worth more than $23,000 were imported from Norway in the same three-month period. The species is the most expensive fish in Iran priced about 280,000 rials ($10) per kilogram.