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Highway Link to 7 Countries

Highway Link  to 7 CountriesHighway Link  to 7 Countries

Deputy minister of Roads and Urban Development Amir Amini has unveiled a mega highway project to connect Iran with 25 border cities in neighboring countries. “The project is aimed at establishing border-to-border connections with seven neighboring countries to facilitate mutual cooperation and reduce transit and transportation costs,” said the deputy minister, who was leading a delegation to Turkey last week to take part in the one-day International Seminar on South Caspian Sea Transportation, IRNA reported. Iran is seeking to finance the 16,000-kilometer through foreign investment. The official also announced that Iran welcomes technical expertise and foreign investment especially from Turkey to implement other infrastructure projects. ‘Plans are underway to build a 1,400-kilomter highway that connects the city of Bazargan on the Turkish border to Imam Khomeini Port in the Persian Gulf,” he said.