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$25b Worth of Goods Smuggled Into Country p.a.

$25b Worth of Goods Smuggled Into Country p.a.$25b Worth of Goods Smuggled Into Country p.a.

In an inspection of a contraband goods warehouse in Tehran, the provincial governor general demanded immediate categorization and sale of the confiscated commodities. “About $25 billion worth of goods are annually smuggled into the country, 60% of which have Tehran as their main destination,” said Seyyed Hassan Hashemi. The governor general noted that various types of confiscated goods held in warehouses must be categorized and assigned to relevant sectors for sale adding that goods with expiration dates and those that have taken too much space have to be prioritized. “The confiscated goods will be entrusted to relevant executive organizations. Confiscated drugs will be handed over to the Red Crescent to be shipped over to countries in need,” he added. Hashemi referred to the Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei’s emphasis on prioritizing anti-smuggling measures, and said: “To fight smuggling is one of the primary ways of implementing Resistance Economy and increasing domestic production.” Resistance Economy refers to a set of guidelines advocated by the leader to reduce the country’s reliance on oil exports.