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Handicraft ExportHandicraft Export

More than $152 million worth of handicrafts were exported in the Iranian year that ended March 20, said an official with the Cultural Heritage, Handcrafts and Tourism Organization. Although the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration has not released data for the first quarter of the current year yet, it is estimated that exports experienced 20 to 25% rise during the three-month period compared to the similar period last year. There are no reliable figures on handmade artworks sent overseas through suitcase trade; IRNA quoted Kamran Sabzehmaydani as saying.  He encouraged the private sector to join handicraft industry since handmade crafts enjoy high added value and have the potential to generate foreign currency, he added. “Exporters have failed to appreciate the true value of handicrafts. For example, the price of a piece of Iranian-made handicraft could fetch two to three times more when it is sold overseas,” he noted.