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Food Prices Face Minor Fluctuations

Food Prices Face Minor FluctuationsFood Prices Face Minor Fluctuations

The Central Bank of Iran has announced minor fluctuations in the price of stable food items in the first week of the month of Mehr (September 21-26).

Tehran suggests that out of the eleven items currently under review, six food items registered increase in price, three remained stable and the other two items decreased in price. The fluctuations, however, were minor for all the six items, Eghtesad News reported.

During the discussed period, rice recorded the highest price among other items by 1.7 percent increase compared with the previous week and only 1.3 percent more than similar period last year which indicates minor increase.

Price of poultry increased by 1.5 percent, beef by 0.7 percent and fresh fruit and tea by 0.1 percent. In contrast, prices of fresh vegetables and eggs registered 1.2 and 1 percent decrease.

Dairy products, sugar and vegetable oil all remained stable in the same period.