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Italian Experts Scope Out Bushehr Port Capacity

Italian Experts Scope Out Bushehr Port CapacityItalian Experts Scope Out Bushehr Port Capacity

A group of Italian experts in port facilities and naval structures paid a visit to the southern Bushehr Port earlier this week. The visiting delegation, headed by vice president of Maritime Container Terminals at Contship Italia Group, Marco Simonetti, was welcomed by CEO of Sina Naval and Port Services Development Company, Mojtaba Delgoshaei, according to the public relations office of Bushehr Province Department of Ports and Maritime Organization.

After taking a tour of the ports, the two sides discussed the so-called Bushehr Port Development Plan on Negin Island – a small sedimentary island near Bushehr city, the capital of Bushehr Province.

“Bushehr Port has the capacity of loading and unloading 430,000 TEUs of cargo annually. The figure is set to increase to 500,000 TEUs after the completion of Bushehr Port Development Plan on Negin Island,” said the managing director of Bushehr Province Ports and Navigation Organization, Mohammad Rastad.

The first phase of the development plan, which was launched in the presence of President Hassan Rouhani in January, will be completed within five years.

“The $18.1-million (600 billion rial) development plan was undertaken on Negin Island due to land scarcity in Bushehr,” he further noted, adding that plans are underway to build a container terminal, a multipurpose terminal and a terminal for liquid bulk cargo on the island.

Currently, the infrastructural work on construction sites for the terminals has begun and the container terminal is expected to be inaugurated in two years.  

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