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Labor Ties With Tajikistan

Labor Ties  With TajikistanLabor Ties  With Tajikistan

Iran Technical and Vocational Training Organization is ready to cooperate with Tajikistan on teacher training and establishing vocational institutes there, said deputy labor minister Kourosh Parand in a meeting with Tajikistan Ambassador to Iran Nematollah Imamzadeh.  “One of the strategies of this affiliated organization to Cooperative, Labor and Social Welfare Ministry is to make its presence felt on international stage. To this end it has put forth a new policy called Skill Diplomacy which provides technical and vocational training for people of other countries,” Mehr quoted Parand as saying. Last year (ended March 20, 2015) saw the training of 400 chief instructors from different countries in the Instructor Training Center, he added.   The Tajik envoy welcomed Iranian official’s suggestion and called for further expansion of ties between the two countries.